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Career in Big4 Vs Commercial -When is the good time to get out ?

In the world of commercial finance, there is a drawn to working for one of the Big Four. These companies offer lucrative positions and people struggle to break into them. But not everyone who makes it in is a good fit for the company. In many instances, they restrict your personal growth and prevent you from achieving your life goals.

You can spend years at PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Ernst & Young or Deloitte and never reach partner. The reason is there is stiff competition. Unless you have the drive, the initiative and someone working for you on the inside, you may make it up a few wrongs on the ladder, but never quite make it to the top. Revenue generation is also critical here and the ability to win major clients for the company. Anyone who doesn’t draw in these clients for the Big Four won’t have the chance to climb the corporate ladder.

When you choose to work for one of the Big Four over a commercial finance company, you also make some sacrifices in your life. You are expected to work long hours and time off may be scarce until you are able to establish yourself in your department. This shifts your work and life balance more in the favor of the office, rather than on the things you’d rather be doing. Working too long in the Big Four environment might cause you to become too deeply indoctrinated with the methodology of the Big Four and lose touch with the real challenges of working in the corporate world in a finance position.

If you break free from the Big Four and head into commercial finance, things can change. You’ll have more time to spend with your family and your career path can expand. Here, you’ll find the chance to become a Chief Financial Officer if that’s your dream. More importantly, your knowledge and expertise will become more valued. In most cases, you’ll have more than a single responsibility in your position. This will help you to build additional skills and to become better utilized within the company.

There are of course other reasons to consider a change in position to the world of commercial finance. You’ll find all of the following are common reasons for others who are looking for a change.

You are no longer passionate about the job that you’re doing.
Daily tasks are becoming mundane and your talents are being wasted.
The company culture isn’t a positive environment to work in, such as a personality conflict with a supervisor.
There is little to no room for advancement.
Your job is starting to require more than you are willing to give. Such as requiring more time or an increase in travel.
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