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How To Attract Top Notch Digital Marketer to My Company ?


It’s a digital world. We all know that in order to rise above our competition, we need a top flight digital marketing campaign. In order to accomplish that, we need a top notch digital marketer.

Digital campaigns are among the most powerful and the most necessary part of business today. Every agency is seeking to gain real and measurable results in their own digital efforts online. That means that the competition for the best digital marketers and strategists is nothing short of dog-eat-dog.

It’s no surprise then to find that there is a real shortage of qualified digital marketing candidates and that companies are competing fiercely to hire the best talent for their own company.

Identifying and luring the best of the digital marketing professionals to your company can net you a vast return on the investment of your time and efforts. The question is, how do you identify them and how do you bring them in to your company?

Here are a few proven methods for delivering the best candidates for your digital marketing positions.

Have a well-defined company culture. One problem with that is that many companies today simply don’t have one. In most cases, candidates today are not looking just for a job that pays reasonably. They want to feel that their work will count toward something. They also want to fit well into the company without being stressed by the company culture. Give them a good look at your company culture and make sure that it is well-defined and they know precisely who you are and what you stand for.

Make sure that your job description is well thought out and well written. The most common mistake that companies make is to offer a job description that doesn’t really tell a great deal about what the company is looking for. It tends to land them candidates who are there for the wrong reason—and the wrong job. Define very clearly the role that they are going to play in your company and how you see it moving forward. Let the candidates know what kind of digital offerings are already taking place and what you plan for the future, as well as what is currently being planned and implemented.

Lay out a path to allow for the growth of the position and explain that clearly. Give your 3 month, 6 month and 1 year goals for the position and how your company expects them to play out. Let the candidate for the job clearly see your expectations for them and for the job. More than this, lay out a digital path for your candidates so that they know where you plan to go in the immediate future. Are you going to be revamp your website or moving further into social media methods such as Facebook? Do you have new digital strategies that you want to incorporated into your current digital channels ? Make that clear to your digital marketing candidates so that they know where you–and possibly they–are going.

Develop a strong candidate recruiting methodology. It’s sometimes difficult to find good quality digital marketing candidates. You should be using every means available to you in order to get good candidates into the pool. Using social media will help to attract people to your company. Use a qualified digital marketing recruiter to assist you in recruiting new people and in facets of the task such as writing your job descriptions and other areas of recruitment.

Offer a good compensation and make it performance based in order to bring in the best and brightest. The results of a digital marketing campaign are normally fairly easy to measure. That means that you can reward your digital employees commensurate with their efforts and probably will draw in the best candidates with that kind of payment strategy.

Once you’ve identified the ideal candidate, don’t sit on your hands, prepare to move swiftly to secure them for your own company. A slow moving process will have two outcomes. It will give your candidates the idea that swift movement is not how your company operates and it will allow another company the chance to move in and secure them for their own job vacancies.

Finding the right digital marketers for the job and securing them quickly will assure the growth of your company and its digital footprint.

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