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Switching Job in A Turbulent Economy


There’s something to say about living life as sheltered as possible. When you don’t take risks, you don’t encounter disappointment or pain. But you also don’t have the chance to experience the joy of fighting for your dreams and watching as everything falls into place one day. So when the opportunity to change jobs in a turbulent economy comes up, do you play it safe or do you take a chance and give your dreams a chance?

Know the Every Opportunity Comes with Risks In Mandarin, the word for danger is a combination of two words. Threat and opportunity, because there is a threat to your stability each time you embrace opportunity. However, when they pay off, they usually pay off big. No matter how turbulent the economy becomes, you still need to take risks in order to find success. Even the leading companies will continue hire when times are tough and that just might be your chance to get into the position of your dreams.

There Aren’t Many Second Chances in Life You’ve heard the old saying, “The postman doesn’t ring twice.” This saying means that if you don’t take action the first time around, you can’t guarantee it will come again. There are chances in life that can come at different times. Headhunters might have a career change available to you when the economy is at its worst. When you consider the chances of your next promotion or raise, it might be in your best interest to take the new job and see what it can offer you.

Due Diligence is Important Headhunters will fill jobs. But they won’t always give you all the facts upfront. They expect you to take the time to do your research when you’re dealing with a career change. Before you bite the bullet, take the time to research the industry. Talk to people you know who are in the same field and then review the prospective employer’s annual report. Then make an informed decision on whether or not the change is the right one for you. Have a Fallback Plan in Place Before you make a move, consider what your Plan B is. Never go into a career change without deciding what that backup is. If there is some reason this doesn’t work out for you, then you have something you can fall back on. The last thing you want to do is to leap blindly off the cliff. After all, there isn’t always a net below.


Find Your Support System When you make a decision, who is backing it up? Are you making decisions based on the moment or have you talked about it with someone else? Your family and the close circle of friends you have should help you to make decisions. These are people who won’t lead you astray and will often help you to look at a new set of pros and cons with every decision you make. This can help you to avoid a potential headache when making a career change. They can even help to give you some new insight you can use when you’re talking to headhunters about new opportunities. Once you’ve decided it is time for a career change, talk to a recruiter you can trust. These professionals will help to guide you in the right direction and to find a position you’ll love


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