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To Cross or NOT to Cross- Crossover From Digital Agency to Client


It seems like a conversation that happens time and again, yet talented digital marketers continue to sign up with digital agencies to help them to find the jobs that they are looking for. Digital marketing personnel, particularly those with the most talent, are finding that an agency isn’t the place they want to work. Digital recruitment personnel already knew that and in some cases tried to explain it to them.

It doesn’t fail that in digital marketing, the agency looks like the best bet. The people with the most talent invariably aim for an agency to work with because the hype is there. The reality is a great deal different. They begin with such high hopes and great aspirations and in the end run, they explain to others why they are leaving the agency that they chose and why it didn’t do anything for their career.

The reasons don’t seem to change. If you examine them closely, they are the same as they were yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that.

Corporations today are probably one of the most flexible places to work and they offer some astonishing benefits to the creative person. Just a few of the reasons that you’ll hear as to why someone left their big agency and moved on to discover the benefits of corporations are:

You were promised some direct access and engagement with the client. It turned out that you were told not only what to do, but how to do it and you didn’t get any real access or interaction with the customer. Corporations allow you to do things that agencies don’t. One of those things is engage with your client.

You get to see the entire process from the spark to the implementation of the idea. You get to see your own ideas conceptualized and created. Your baby is still yours at the end, no matter how many other departments and people worked on it.You have a little bit of ownership and say so in the project and you get to watch it grow.

You get far more control over your own budget and you learn how to spend it better in a corporation. You’re not affected by small things like profit margins as much as you are in an agency. You also get to leave a legacy there. Your own projects and your own completed solutions become your legacy to your co-workers.

In countries like Malaysia many industries are undergoing deregulation of very heavily regulates spaces such as insurance. They are embracing digital marketing and are driven to make it part of their showcase. Don’t miss your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of some of these companies. Your agency can’t offer you what they can so before you accept that agency offering, explore your options a little more fully.

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