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5 Hidden Benefits of Career in Luxury Retail


5 Hidden Benefits of Career in Luxury Retail

Once considered to be exclusive to those with a high level of wealth, the market of luxury retail is now moving into the mainstream. Throughout history, luxury-based retail items were once a means of exhibiting high financial standing. For many consumers, luxury retail involves purchasing items that are rare or are backed by reputable name brands. Many view luxury retail items as those that are eye-catching and innovative and may be showcased to various types of admiring audiences. For others, luxury retail items are those that reflect skilled craftsmanship and excessive quality. In the United States alone, nearly $100 billion a year is spent on products that are considered to be luxurious. Worldwide, this figure is staggering. If you are searching for a promising career with a high growth rate, luxury retail is for you. In this brief guide, you will learn the 5 hidden benefits of a career in the luxury retail market.


The Common, Negative Perceptions Associated with Luxury Retail Careers

Before delving into the 5 hidden benefits associated with a career in the luxury retail industry, it is first important to understand the most common, negative perceptions associated with these types of careers. It is not at all uncommon to hear stories of retail employees going on strike due to lower than expected wages, hearing about the detrimental impacts of unpredictable schedules in the workplace, the inability to receive full-time hours, and retail employees being forced to perform work duties on their lunch breaks. The following outlines the most common, negative perceptions associated with careers in luxury retail:

  1. Many individuals state that this particular industry requires employees to work exceptionally long hours through the standard work week and those same employees are expected to work throughout the weekend, which takes what little time is available to them to spend with their loved ones.
  2. When working in the luxury retail market, many people are under the impression that it involves putting on a smile and selling products the whole day, even when the “mood” to do so is not present. The truth of the matter is, there is a lot more to luxury retail than simply “selling with a smile”.
  3. Finally, many have the negative perception that a career in luxury retail is boring and offers no chance in career progression.


5 Benefits of a Luxury Retail Career

If you are reading this employment guide, it means that you are considering a career in luxury retail and have a desire to learn of the benefits associated with the opportunity. The following outlines the top 5 benefits, as outlined by those that have experience in this particular retail field:


  1. First and foremost, a career in luxury retail offers a high level of flexibility, as far as time is concerned. Not only will you be permitted to take a lunch break, you may also find that you are entitled to a shopping break. In most instances, you may spend your breaks with your family members, or, with your friends. It is common to be placed on a specific shift. This will allow you to avoid the complication of unpredictability and will be able to schedule time with your loved ones, accordingly. Additionally, there is a high level of schedule flexibility that will allow you to designate when you take personal time off, vacation time, and holiday time.
  2. The next benefit to working in luxury retail is that the career opportunity allows you to improve your communication skills and teaches you how to engage with others on both a personal and a professional level. Not only will you become more proficient at personal self-grooming, you will learn how to successfully communicate with a wide variety of personality types. You will find that your PR skills are optimized. Furthermore, you are sure to connect, professionally, with VIPs or your industry so that you may indirectly expand your network.
  3. If you have a passion for luxury items, luxury brands, fashion, and trends, working in luxury retail provides you with a career that will allow you to pursue your passion. Not only will you acquire a high level of knowledge in product knowledge, but, you will also become an expert in the industry. The knowledge and experience that you obtain in the luxury retail market could result in an immense level of career advancement.
  4. It is a known fact that most brands in the luxury retail industry provide their employees with top-of-the-line training. Not only does this increase your growth opportunity, but, when combined with on-the-job experience, you have the unique possibility of obtaining roles in retail management, corporate management, and even obtain a presidency position in luxury retail!
  5. The fifth benefit associated with a career in luxury retail is the fact that it is a financially rewarding career that could result in a high salary, a large amount of commission, and even many opportunities for performance incentives. If you love your job and perform well, you will enjoy a lucrative income from the career.



There are many advantages to starting and progressing through a career in luxury retail. If you are ready to obtain a position that will empower you, motivate you, and enrich your life, luxury retail is the way to go ! Not only are there numerous opportunities to excel in the industry, but, there are multiple ways to increase your knowledge of the retail industry, network, and build your personal brand while promoting your professional brand! If you are ready to become involved in a career today that will lead you to a variety of opportunities for all of your tomorrows, contact us today at marketing@lavoroservices.com



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