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5 Vital Questions to Be Answered Before Buying any Linkedin Recruiter License


5 Vital Questions to Be Asked Before Signing Up LinkedIn Recruitment License

While LinkedIn is a powerful tool for the average person to find employment, it can be a struggle for those in recruitment. The most basic plan charges you $30 USD per month for 3 inmails. If you want to boost that number to 15 inmails, your total jumps up to $60 USD. In a sense, LinkedIn is charging you for adding people and having the ability to message them. If Facebook pulled a similar trick, people would tell them to get lost. Unfortunately, those in recruitment know how important LinkedIn is and an $8,500 USD  per annum full recruiter license is still a valuable tool. But before you sign up for it, you need to determine if it is right for you.

Does Your Team Actually Understand the LinkedIn Recruitment Process and How to use This Networking Tool?

Before you shell out the money, you need to determine if you are ready for this license. Take a moment to ask your team some critical questions that will determine if this is a great investment, or a waste of money.

  • How does their current LinkedIn profile looks like? Would a jobseeker be attracted to connect with them ?
  • Do they understand the differences between linkedin and job board ? Are they ready to followup consistently to secure a Linkedin profile’s resume ?
  • Does your team understand how connections work? What’s the difference of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections ?
  • Have they been trained to use Linked in as a recruitment tool for success?

Does Your Recruitment Team Have Time to invest in LinkedIn?Another thing to consider is that scanning LinkedIn for potential candidates takes time. Do these individuals have the time to see out people who need work? If so, are the able to communicate with those that they have never met before?

Does Your Employer Branding Standout on LinkedIn?

When people look at your company’s LinkedIn page what do they think? You are up against thousands of other employees looking for exceptional staff. Your page should showcase the company in the best light possible. Allow the potential team member to understand what you do and to create a brand that people talk about.

Is Talent Solution as Great as it Sounds?

Talent Solution(The full blown recruiter license) looks incredible on paper. Unfortunately, it isn’t what your company needs immediately if the recruitment process is not inplace. The truth is that you need to have a effective application tracking system and have something in place offline for your business. Talent Solution only manages your messaging and your workflow on top of better search and connection capabilities. Without strong linkedin fundamentals these investment would not deliver the appropriate returns. While it is fine on a surface level, you still need to send thank you notes to non-hires, help to capture good candidates and to build a reputation that Talent Solution won’t deliver, but it can definitely guide you in the right direction.

Does It All Add Up?

Think about this, you’re spending $8,500 USD on a subscription to this LinkedIn service. While it definitely will deliver some results, you need to focus first on your employee branding and work on automation. Plan wisely USD 8,500 could be your recruitment budget for multiple channels of recruitment instead of one !

A thorough review of your current recruitment process, the capabilities of your recruiters as well as the existing recruitment strategies is key before jumping into the bandwagon.

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