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Ever Wonder Why Your Linkedin Profile was Never Picked Up ?


Top 5 Reasons Why Your Linkedin Profile is Not Getting Noticed !

Linkedin is the hottest professional networking tools for job-seekers since the ‘invention’ of Job Boards like JobStreet.com ; however we realize many still struggle to understand how to “Get Noticed in Linkedin”

  1. Your Linkedin Profile is not updated– Far too often we came across Linkedin profile with 3 lines of description – Your Name , Your Current Company , Your Current position. How would your profile be picked up by headhunters and other companies’ internal recruiter when you can’t even describe who you are ?
  2. You are connecting the wrong People at the Wrong Place– Myth number 1, “I only connect with people that i knew ! “ If this is your approach on Linkedin you have just killed one of the most powerful professional networking tools on earth ! Linkedin is a platform for you to connect with people you WANT to know and people you WANT your profile to be looked at . Getting connected to decision makers in a company or being part of a professional groups that best represent your profession will make you more visible than average bloke on Linkedin- START CONNECTING TODAY
  3. Your Linkedin Profile is not SEO optimized– Do you know that your Linkedin Ranking is affected by your choice of keywords in describing your professional experience. IF you have yet identify the key words that best represent you,  your profile will never be ‘Noticeable’ in any of the Linkedin searches. Optimize the KEYWORDS in your Header, Your Job Title and even Your Summary.
  4. It’s all about ME People are not interested in what you have done for the last 10 years, How good looking you are  but  WITFM (WHATS IN IT FOR ME ?) If you want to get career jump in sales, tell me what you can do and what you can deliver. Don’t expect your audience to believe you are the number 1 sales guy by offering NO Whatsoever SOCIAL PROOF 
  5. Content is King – Start sharing your knowledge by sharing articles, your work, you experience. Start contributing in the groups you are in the more you share the sooner you will get noticed ! But always share quality contents !

There is so much more to learn and apply if you want to be at the top tier of ranking in your Linkedin Ranking. As part of knowledge sharing we are more that happy to give away a “Linkedin Fundamental Checklist for Job Seekers” developed by one of the Linkedin Training Gurus- Andy Whitehead.

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