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5 Hidden Benefits of Career in Luxury Retail

5 Hidden Benefits of Career in Luxury Retail Once considered to be exclusive to those with a high level of wealth, the market of luxury retail is now moving into the mainstream. Throughout history, luxury-based retail items were once a means of exhibiting high financial standing. For many consumers, luxury retail involves purchasing items that are rare or are backed by reputable name brands. Many view luxury retail items as those that are eye-catching and innovative and may be showcased to various types of admiring audiences. For others, luxury retail items are those that reflect skilled craftsmanship and excessive quality. In the United States alone, nearly $100 billion a year is spent on products that are considered to be luxurious. Worldwide, this figure is staggering. If you are searching for a promising career with a high growth rate, luxury retail is for you. In this brief guide, you will learn the 5 hidden benefits of a career in the luxury retail market.   The Common,…

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Ever Wonder Why Your Linkedin Profile was Never Picked Up ?

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Linkedin Profile is Not Getting Noticed ! Linkedin is the hottest professional networking tools for job-seekers since the 'invention' of Job Boards like JobStreet.com ; however we realize many still struggle to understand how to "Get Noticed in Linkedin" Your Linkedin Profile is not updated- Far too often we came across Linkedin profile with 3 lines of description - Your Name , Your Current Company , Your Current position. How would your profile be picked up by headhunters and other companies' internal recruiter when you can't even describe who you are ? You are connecting the wrong People at the Wrong Place- Myth number 1, "I only connect with people that i knew ! " If this is your approach on Linkedin you have just killed one of the most powerful professional networking tools on earth ! Linkedin is a platform for you to connect with people you WANT to know and people you WANT your profile to be looked at . Getting connected to…

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5 Vital Questions to Be Answered Before Buying any Linkedin Recruiter License

  5 Vital Questions to Be Asked Before Signing Up LinkedIn Recruitment License While LinkedIn is a powerful tool for the average person to find employment, it can be a struggle for those in recruitment. The most basic plan charges you $30 USD per month for 3 inmails. If you want to boost that number to 15 inmails, your total jumps up to $60 USD. In a sense, LinkedIn is charging you for adding people and having the ability to message them. If Facebook pulled a similar trick, people would tell them to get lost. Unfortunately, those in recruitment know how important LinkedIn is and an $8,500 USD  per annum full recruiter license is still a valuable tool. But before you sign up for it, you need to determine if it is right for you. Does Your Team Actually Understand the LinkedIn Recruitment Process and How to use This Networking Tool? Before you shell out the money, you need to determine if you are ready for…

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5 Deadly Mistakes in Recruitment Budget Planning

Recruiting has changed dramatically over the last decade. It is no longer just posting ads in a newspaper or on an online job board, then shuffling through the resumes that come in. While digital recruitment still matters, things have changed. It is a competitive space and in order to make it, you need to have proper budgeting in place. This budget should cover the expenses that are associated with drawing in top tier talent and standing out in the sea of recruiters. To get that budget, there are a few mistakes or deadly sins are ones to avoid. After all, they can become a nightmare.   The Sin of Blowing Your Entire Recruitment  Budget The sin of blowing your budget at a breakneck pace. Spending money for the sake of spending it, is one of the grave sins you’ll make in Recruitment. Instead of blowing it on whatever that comes along, think before you spend money on something for your department or begin to recruit…

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Switching Job in A Turbulent Economy

There’s something to say about living life as sheltered as possible. When you don’t take risks, you don’t encounter disappointment or pain. But you also don’t have the chance to experience the joy of fighting for your dreams and watching as everything falls into place one day. So when the opportunity to change jobs in a turbulent economy comes up, do you play it safe or do you take a chance and give your dreams a chance? Know the Every Opportunity Comes with Risks In Mandarin, the word for danger is a combination of two words. Threat and opportunity, because there is a threat to your stability each time you embrace opportunity. However, when they pay off, they usually pay off big. No matter how turbulent the economy becomes, you still need to take risks in order to find success. Even the leading companies will continue hire when times are tough and that just might be your chance to get into the position of your…

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Engagement of an IT Project Manager: Interim vs Permanent

Oftentimes people get held back by the old school of thought whereby permanent contract is the answer to a career stability and consistent growth. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. In this article, we will be exploring the idea of Interim/Contract Project Manager in a broader perspective. What is Interim Project Manager? When organizations undergo a major change, trying to implement a critical strategy or the need to use one’s specialty for a specific project, interim project managers are the to-go-to people. Why are companies hiring Interim PM(s)? Flexibility– Contract PMs are available to start anytime with the minimum of recruitment or termination formalities. Qualifications – A contract PM is usually highly experienced in the subject matter of his field. Track Records – A contract PM with a flawless track record and performance knows how to deliver the best result with minimal supervision. Objectivity – Interim PM(s) are independent contractor. Henceforth, they will not be constrained by the company’s politics, personalities or protocols. Highly goal-oriented…

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How To Attract Top Notch Digital Marketer to My Company ?

It’s a digital world. We all know that in order to rise above our competition, we need a top flight digital marketing campaign. In order to accomplish that, we need a top notch digital marketer. Digital campaigns are among the most powerful and the most necessary part of business today. Every agency is seeking to gain real and measurable results in their own digital efforts online. That means that the competition for the best digital marketers and strategists is nothing short of dog-eat-dog. It’s no surprise then to find that there is a real shortage of qualified digital marketing candidates and that companies are competing fiercely to hire the best talent for their own company. Identifying and luring the best of the digital marketing professionals to your company can net you a vast return on the investment of your time and efforts. The question is, how do you identify them and how do you bring them in to your company? Here are a few proven…

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To Cross or NOT to Cross- Crossover From Digital Agency to Client

It seems like a conversation that happens time and again, yet talented digital marketers continue to sign up with digital agencies to help them to find the jobs that they are looking for. Digital marketing personnel, particularly those with the most talent, are finding that an agency isn't the place they want to work. Digital recruitment personnel already knew that and in some cases tried to explain it to them. It doesn't fail that in digital marketing, the agency looks like the best bet. The people with the most talent invariably aim for an agency to work with because the hype is there. The reality is a great deal different. They begin with such high hopes and great aspirations and in the end run, they explain to others why they are leaving the agency that they chose and why it didn't do anything for their career. The reasons don't seem to change. If you examine them closely, they are the same as they were yesterday,…

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Career in Big4 Vs Commercial -When is the good time to get out ?

In the world of commercial finance, there is a drawn to working for one of the Big Four. These companies offer lucrative positions…

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