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Ever Wonder Why Your Linkedin Profile was Never Picked Up ?

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Linkedin Profile is Not Getting Noticed ! Linkedin is the hottest professional networking tools for job-seekers since the 'invention' of Job Boards like JobStreet.com ; however we realize many still struggle to understand how to "Get Noticed in Linkedin" Your Linkedin Profile is not updated- Far too often we came across Linkedin profile with 3 lines of description - Your Name , Your Current Company , Your Current position. How would your profile be picked up by headhunters and other companies' internal recruiter when you can't even describe who you are ? You are connecting the wrong People at the Wrong Place- Myth number 1, "I only connect with people that i knew ! " If this is your approach on Linkedin you have just killed one of the most powerful professional networking tools on earth ! Linkedin is a platform for you to connect with people you WANT to know and people you WANT your profile to be looked at . Getting connected to…

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